ST TROPEZ Tan Build Up Remover Mitt

ST TROPEZ Tan Build Up Remover Mitt

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If you are a regular self-tanner, the St.Tropez Build Up Remover Mitt is a must have product. There are three main uses for it:

  • You can easily remove any built up tan
  • Effortlessly fix any mistakes you have made when applying your tan
  • If your tan is patchy or has streaks, you can improve its appearance.

The St.Tropez Build Up Remover Mitt has been designed in order to quickly, easily and effectively remove any build-up of tan as well as to remove dry skin by buffing it away.

Regular use of this mitt will help to keep your skin soft and tanned to your liking as it can be used to correct mistakes such as patchiness and streaks.

Directions for use:

How to Use

- The St. Tropez Tan Build Up Remover Mitt works best on wet skin, ideally when showering in warm water.

- Place the Remover Mitt on your hand

- Using circular motions gently buff to remove excess self-tan.

- Use extra pressure when focusing on elbows, knees, ankles, hands and feet, or where a tan build up is obvious.

- If you are simply correcting a tanning mistake, dampen skin then apply pressure with your index finger.

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